1.  How did the Foundation get started.  Where is it located?

2. What do volunteers do?  How can I volunteer?

3. What happens to donations?  Where do I send my donation?

4. Besides volunteers and donations, what else does the Foundation need?

5. Is there a yearly membership?  If so, how much?


Before the Foundation had a name, meetings were held by concerned Americans of many ethnic backgrounds beginning in 1997.  The goal was and is to help relations among all Americans.  As time went by, the group first called itself the American Slaves Society because the belief was that helping to eliminate the remnants of American slavery would be the greatest challenge.  If done correctly, a significant step for equality for everyone might be accomplished within fifty years of intense volunteer work.  As the group grew into an organization, the name of the American Slaves Foundation was adopted.

The Foundation has chapters in 28 states and the District of Columbia.  Volunteers have donated the use of their homes and offices as locations for the exchange of information and for meetings.  The headquarters is in Washington, DC.

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You choose your way of volunteering.  As a volunteer, you can do as much of the following as you care to do:

Guidelines for the following are being created.  However, you may begin before we have the forms and databases ready (which will be quite a long time until the finalized versions are available).  You can request email to be sent to you when the finalized versions are ready.

The following is the for the most dedicated volunteers
who will take the time to record our history for future generations.

You can volunteer now -- with no long-term commitment.  If, for any reason after you volunteer, you cannot perform at least one of the above tasks on a periodic basis, just let us know.

If you can think of other ways to help the Foundation, please tell us.

Please volunteer now by sending an email.

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Every person who works for the Foundation is a volunteer.  There are no paid employees.  100% of every donation is spent for the goals listed on this site.  No one has an expense account.  In fact, most volunteers never ask to be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses.  All purchases made on behalf of the Foundation are backed up by receipts along with the reason for each expense.  We do not waste precious donations.

American Slaves Foundation
PO Box 76622
Washington, DC 20013

We can notify you by email when online donation becomes available.

We also are appreciative of up-to-date office equipment (old equipment causes so many problems) and office supplies. 

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Suggestions:  About everything that you can think of that would help our programs

Grants:  Information about sources for grants (and help in writing the proposal, if you can)

Links:  If you have a web site, please place a link on it that connects to:  (Make certain that the word "slaves" is plural.)

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The Foundation does not have memberships, as such.  We will include everyone who wants to participate regardless of their financial situation.  We hope that those who donate will include a little extra.  We are very appreciative of those who send a little every month.

Our address is: American Slaves Foundation, PO Box 76622, Washington, DC  20013 or call 202-824-0824.  Thank you so much.

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